Velvet Curtain

Jacob Alexander Garcia

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Velvet Curtain
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Here, I wanted a Fall cocktail with unique ingredients, being inspired by the Detroiter created by Jason Schiffer.


1 oz Rye Whiskey (use something higher proof here)
¾ oz Cinzano Rosso Sweet Vermouth
1 oz Persimmon Brown Sugar Syrup *
¾ oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Orange Juice
2 oz Hoegaarden Witbier
2 dashes Angostura Bitters


Pour 1 oz. of the beer into the cocktail shaker along with the other ingredients and dry shake to release some of the carbonation, then shake with ice. Pour the other 1 oz. of beer into a chilled Double Old Fashioned glass over a large ice cube, then strain the cocktail into the glass.
Garnish with a dehydrated Persimmon Wheel and freshly grated Nutmeg.

Persimmon Brown Sugar Syrup
Using a “Slow Juicer/Masticating Juicer”, juice some Persimmons by quartering them, first. Strain the juice and measure it in mL then pour it into a pot with equal amounts in weight of Dark Brown Sugar and ½ tsp Kosher Salt and over low heat until all the sugar has dissolved.

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