To Your Health

Rosie Ruiz

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To Your Health
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My inspiration behind this drink is the idea of finding balance between being healthy and imbibing. Stay healthy/thirsty my friends.


2 oz Bourbon
¾ oz Turmeric Coconut Milk
½ oz Ginger Infused Honey
¾ oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
¼ oz Simple Syrup


Place Bourbon, Turmeric Coconut Milk, Ginger Infused Honey, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup into cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain liquid into a rocks glass fill with ice and add sprinkle dehydrated beets, carrots and pineapple on top.

Turmeric Coconut Milk
1 Tsp Ground Turmeric
16 oz Coconut Milk

Combine ingredients and stir until completely mixed

Ginger Infused Honey

4 oz Chopped Ginger
8 oz Water
8 oz Honey

Bring all ingredients to a slight boil in saucepan. Reduce to simmer, let sit for 30 min. Remove from heat and let sit for one hour. Strain out ginger and refrigerate until use.

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