Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Matt Ellingson

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Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
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I love the challenge of telling a story or paying tribute to something in liquid form. When fans want to honor their passions and toast their favorite genre, they deserve a drink worthy of their loyalty to the cause. Challenge? Ambrosia. Subject: Battlestar Galactica. Status: Accepted.

Ambrosia was a legendary liqueur distilled by the Stanford Distillery in the Biffle Sector for over 100 years. It made its way throughout the galaxy, with its reputation of potency and unique flavor in tow.  Ultimately, it found its way, in gift form, to the hands of Colonel Tigh.

To emulate the green otherworldy hue of Ambrosia, it would be quick to use Midori, or food coloring, but then I remembered my childhood. Around the time I was riding a tram through a backlot tour Battlestar Galactica attack, sage advice was offered by the Ziploc company. "Yellow & Blue make Green." :)

While the drink is complex, being laced with absinthe, orgeat, and the funkiest of rums, it ultimately is quite refreshing. A great drink is one you want to reorder, not just try one once for novelty's sake.


¾ oz Plantation OFTD Rum

¾ oz Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Gold Rum

¾ oz fresh lime juice

½ oz pineapple juice

½ oz orgeat syrup

¼ oz Giffard's Blue Curacao

¼ oz Pernod Absinthe Superieure


Frappé shake with crushed ice and dump into collins glass. Top with crushed ice and garnish with a bushel of fresh mint. Hitting the mint against the side of the glass repeatedly will break the mint structure and release more fragrant aromas.

Hamilton Pot Still Gold Jaimaican Rum is worth seeking out. It's a great example of the incredible 'funk' Jamaican Rum is known for.

If you don't have absinthe, using Pernod Pastis or an anisette will be a fair substitution.


Mark Flaming - January 17, 2021 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Man, Matt knocks it out of the park again.  It is a sure sign that my vices are getting out of control when a new recipe pops up and I have ALL THE EXACT INGREDIENTS.  I was nervous about the absinthe with the citrus... the worst drink I've ever had was grapefruit and absinth at a W Hotel...  it was UNdrinkable, and left me a little gun shy about mixing the two.  But... the balance was perfect... more akin to an Herbsaint rinse on a great Sazerac.  This drink is light, and refreshing... and just like in the description, I would absolutely order this again if this was on a menu.    Full disclosure, I did not have mint on hand, and I loved the drink without it.  I will absolutely be making this again, so mint is on the shopping list for next time..

KC - January 17, 2021 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

You must like absinthe for this one but I do so it was great! It’s not overtly sweet. Just something to sip and chill.

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