The LAST Dirty Martini

Mark Flaming

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The LAST Dirty Martini

Drinks really are about their ingredients and subtle differences between flavors can make or break a drink. Also, nothing ruins a good dirty martini more than watering it down. I’ve seen very few bars that pre-chill their gin (Whitechapel in San Francisco being one of the few exceptions).  Keeping gin in the freezer means you don’t need to stir the drink with ice, which completely changes the flavor. I’ve found no other gin that has as much umami flavor in a dirty martini as Hendrick’s. Try this combination out. You will not be disappointed.


3 oz Hendrick’s Gin

¼ oz  Noilly Prat Original Dry Vermouth

¼ - ½ oz olive brine (Dirty Sue recommended)

2 Mezzetta Martini Olives


Chill your gin for at least 24 hours before making the drink. It helps to keep your brine and vermouth in the refrigerator as well, so they do not warm up the drink as you’re building it. Build the drink in the glass. Martini glasses are traditional. I like using a coupe glass for a vintage presentation. Garnish with olives and toothpick. Give the drink at least three good stirs with the olive to mix the ingredients in the glass.

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