The Gardener's Gravy

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The Gardener's Gravy

This recipe is easy, unique and impressive. It's also packed with spiced rum flavour and a herby rosemary aroma.

Last summer, we were hiding from COVID and sat around our garden in white plastic chairs soaking in some of the UK sun. With lots of free time on our hands, we decided it was time to start drinking, we then started expreimenting with ingredients we had in the fridge and garden.


After a few interesting attempts, we came up with this refreshing recipe using some rosemary grown in our garden and some breakfast apple juice! Originally we came up with a mocktail version of the Gardener's Gravy as to not waste our spiced rum! Althought it was nice, it was decided, the spiced rum version made the Gardener's Gravy the tasty cocktail it is.


2 Parts Spiced Rum

2 Parts Apple Juice

Squeeze of Lime Juice (1/2 Part)

Top with Ginger ale (1-2 Parts)

Garnish with Rosemary Sprig


Add the Apple Juice to a low-ball glass.

Pour in your Spiced Rum.

Add a few Ice Cubes.

Squeeze half a lime.

Slowly Stir.

Top with Ginger ale.

Garnish with a Rosemary Sprig

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