The Dunaway

Matt Ellingson

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The Dunaway

The rabbit hole of cocktails and names can get confusing. Sometimes many a drink name appears with drastically different recipes. But when I came across this variation I knew it would be the one I would trust.  Because I trust author Jason Wilson. His book Boozehound was a great inspiration to me, and I highly recommend it. Why? He coined the name 'Speakcheasy' before most even found their first suburban 'Speakeasy'.  I always liked his style.

The Dunaway was created by Misty Kalkofen @ Drink, Boston but Jason Wilson made a little modification. Misty used Fino Sherry and Angostura Bitters instead of the Amontillado sherry* and Orange Bitters here. After tasting this, think Jason chose these for two reasons. Taking the hard spice of the Ango out allows an Orange Bitters to bring a brightness and freshness to the drink. And the Amontillado Sherry tempers the acidity and oxidized Fino by upping the richness and nutty notes.

An array of nuttiness, caramel, stewed dried fruit, and burnt orange. This low ABV cocktail is incredibly complex, elegant, and timeless, much like Miss Dunaway herself.



Stir and strain into chilled coupe. Garnish with lemon peel or curledtwist.

*Amontillado is a 'Medium Dry' style of sherry, and Lustau is a phenomenal producer. Your choice of sherry will have a drastic effect on the end result, so be specific when picking out your bottle!

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