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The Sidecar is a true classic and a must-try as you journey through the greatest cocktail sours. It's a brandy-based cocktail that got its name from either a French or English bar (depending on whom you ask) that invented the drink for a customer who arrived in a motorcycle sidecar when he frequented the spot. When we made this cocktail recently, a guest said, "But isn't a Sidecar the drink with the little extra drink on the side?" And it so happens that Cocktail King Dale DeGroff is known to say the name of the Sidecar is in fact a reference to the extra mini-pour left in the shaker after you fill a glass. And we like to mix ours with enough extra to serve that bonus bit in a mini carafe. No one has complained so far!

A sugar rim is optional, but the sweet oils in the orange peel garnish are a treat either way.


1½ oz Cognac

¾ oz Orange Liqueur

¾ oz Lemon Juice

¼ oz Simple Syrup

Orange peel for garnish


Shake/Strain into Coupe.  Garnish with orange peel.

Optional: Sugar Rim

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