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At the time I was coming up with this particular cocktail, beets were in season. Beets became my starting off point for this concept and everything just went from there. I knew I wanted to make an egg white cocktail but really wanted the beets to shine, so I decided that using vodka would be the best spirit to infuse and also wouldn’t overpower. At that point, I literally googled what herb goes well with beets, and tarragon was an overwhelming response. I then dug deeper and researched what tarragon is mostly used for. To which I found that it is used primarily in French cooking, specifically bearnaise sauce, which also incorporates eggs. I then realized this all would totally go together, so I went for it. The olive oil is used as angostura bitters would be used on a sour and really added another level of flavor and viscosity to the cocktail. It also looked cool and I had never seen it done before. The name Serpentina is derived from the Italian word, “little snake”, which I thought was appropriate because of the bright, red blood color of the drink.


1¾ oz Beet Infused Vodka

¾ oz Tarragon Simple Syrup

1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Egg White


Dry Shake, Wet Shake, Double Strain up into coupe glass and drop olive oil on top

*Beet Infused Vodka: Roast beets until tender, peel and slice, let rest in vodka until desired and strain.

*Tarragon Simple Syrup: Equal parts sugar and water, let tarragon rest until desired, strain.

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