Sangre y Fuego

Bradley Johnson

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Sangre y Fuego

This is the result of years of adding, tweaking and embellishing what is essentially a margarita. It ridiculously has 10 ingredients in it. It's laughable, yes. However, this recipe shows how to take all of those flavors and showcase them all together in a way that allows you to taste each one and experience them as one. It's juicy, tangy, spicy, smoky, it's hot, it's cold and it is satisfying.


1 oz tequila blanco

¾ oz Grand Marnier

4½ oz blood orange juice

1 oz lime juice

¾ oz agave syrup

4 raspberries (muddled)

2 jalapeño coins (muddled)

3 dashes Aztec Chocolate bitters

2 dashes L’Apothicaire Mystérieux Molé Oaxaceño bitters


Add ice to cocktail shaker, then add all ingredients. Cover and shake. Strain into a chilled glass. Serve on the rocks. 

Garnish with jalapeño and blood orange, if desired.

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