Pistachio Coquito

Bradley Johnson

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Pistachio Coquito

The Pistachio Coquito is a Puerto Rican holiday beverage akin to a nog. I didn't invent this, but I did modify the recipe and drag it through Tuscany, Italy a bit. A few years ago, while consuming massive amount of wine in Tuscany, we discovered the majesty of pistachio gelato. There are A LOT of flavors going on here, people! First I wanted to invoke those flavors into this classic drink using DiSaronno to amplify the pistachio flavors. I then used Amaro di Angostura to play off the spice notes in the Cardamom infused maple syrup. I infused toasted coconut infused brandy to pair with the coconut milk flavors.   

This is a pistachio, holiday milkshake with no dairy. A crown pleaser for a holiday gathering!


2½ oz Pistachio milk

2 oz Coconut milk 

2 oz Toasted coconut infused Lairds Applejack 

½ oz DiSaronno 

¼ oz Amaro di Angostura 

¼ oz Cardamom infused bourbon barrel aged maple syrup 

3 drop Addiction Mixology InstaFoam  

Fresh grated nutmeg and cinnamon garnish


Admittedly, this is not an easy drink to recreate. I infused the brandy with toasted coconut in the immersion circulator (sous vide). I did the same with the maple syrup using fresh spices muddled in a mortar and pestle and then placed in an immersion circulator.  

The traditional recipe requires cream and egg, which I prefer not to use, as many of the friends and family I serve are vegan or just don't like to have raw egg mixed into drinks.   

Please reach out for any details on making these milks and infusions. I am happy to share my methods.

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