Penicillin But Not Penicillin

Gian Villa

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Penicillin But Not Penicillin
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No big story here. Found an old bottle in the back bar that I decided I would try something with. The viscous ginger rye had a subtle bite to it and figured it would be great in an old fashioned.


Evolution to this drink felt like I should have been making a hot toddy, but we're into spring and I definitely wouldn't want to be sipping on something that would burn and bite my tongue simultaneously.


1¼ oz or 38 ml Reilly's Ginger Rock and Rye Whiskey

¼ oz or 15 ml Old Overholt Rye Whiskey

¼ oz or 8 ml Greenbar FRUITLAB Ginger Liqueur

2-3 dashes or 5ml Angostura Bitters

Large lemon swath


  1. Combine all ingredients into mixing glass

  2. Fill up with ice

  3. Stir 20 - 30 seconds or diluted to add 20% water

  4. Pour into coupe or rocks (preference)

  5. Garnish with lemon and cherry or candied ginger

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