Old Timber

Ryan Kuntz

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Old Timber
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A challenging Old Fashioned that is still approachable to the average drinker.


2 dashes orange bitters

¼ oz Averna

¼ oz Velvet Falernum

2 oz bourbon (preferably Maker’s Mark)

1 barspoon float of overproof Jamaican rum (like Smith & Cross)


Add all ingredients (except rum) to a single rocks glass and stir to combine. Add ice and stir for 1-2 seconds, just enough to add a slight chill (the drink will continue to chill on its own as it sits). Use a barspoon or small jigger to drizzle overproof rum on top. Express a lemon twist and then discard (you just want the oil from the lemon twist). Garnish with a fresh bundle of mint.

Featured on Not Too Sweet.

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