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August 11th, 2020

A Modern Variation of the 21st Century

Allow me to (re)-introduce this fantastic cocktail, which continues to cross my creative path over 2020. The White Cacao infused with Puya Chilies is the star of the cocktail✨
First created for the @ocusbg March meeting. Then she got another opportunity to shine when I was interviewed for @musicaroots bartenders spotlight in their premier issue :)
I’ve been playing with my infusions and syrups recently, challenging myself to make simple yet elegant cocktails... I made myself and my friends some unique and tasty creations, all which began from when I was inspired to create this beauty🦋

This cocktail is warm, rich, bright, and pleasantly complimented by the mild heat and deep flavor of the Puya chilis.
If you would like to learn how to infuse your white cacao with chilies, please feel free to hit me up!


1 oz Tequila Añejo
¾ oz Lillet Blanc
¾ oz White Cacao Liqueur infused with Puya Chilies
¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice



Médium Shake
Double Strain over 1/2 Clear Rock

Suggested Glass:

Coupe Glass


No garnish or Grated Nutmeg

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