Masukumeron Mikkusu

Bradley Johnson

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Masukumeron Mikkusu

Confession: I adore Japan. For its beauty, insanity, wisdom, obsession with perfection, their respect for others...I could keep going. I love cantaloupe and it seems like the Japanese love it, too. You can find cantaloupe flavors in candy, beverages and gum way more than you can find it in the States.  

This drink is beautiful, bizarre, complex and delicious!


2 oz Cantaloupe extraction 

2 oz Matcha tea  

2 oz Empress 1908 gin  

¾ oz Lemongrass ginger syrup


Mix lemongrass ginger syrup with matcha tea, Over ice, layer in cantaloupe juice (strained), matcha tea and then float the Empress gin over the top. Garnish with cantaloupe slice.

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