Kevin's Sweet Ass

Kevin Ring

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Kevin's Sweet Ass

I came up with this variation on a White Russian and had been ordering it for a while simply telling the bartender wear to do. When I asked for it at Club 33 (the private, members-only hidden restaurant inside Disneyland) the server told me that if you add ingredients, it's a new drink and must be named. He said he'd go get it, but if I didn't have a good name for it by the time he came back he'd call it "Kevin's Sweet Ass." I think he was trying to say something outrageous to goad me into naming it, but I thought it was so funny I just let him name it. 


1 oz vodka

½ oz Kahlua

½ oz Godiva dark chocolate liqueur

Half and half (or whole milk)


Fill a glass with ice. Add ingredients. Fill the rest of the way with half and half or whole milk Stir.

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