Gothic Mai Tai

Bradley Johnson

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Gothic Mai Tai
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A flavorful way of using black ingredients other than activated charcoal is black sesame. Its nutty flavor is a fun and interesting alternative to the traditional almond based orgeat syrup.


2 oz Caña Brava Blanca rum 

¾ oz Appleton Estate 12 year dark rum

1 oz Dry Curaçao  

1 oz Lime juice 

1 oz Black sesame orgeat syrup 



Mark Flaming - January 8, 2021 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I loved this.  What a great spin on the traditional Mai Tai.  The sesame orgeat adds a whole new dimension to the drink.  I'd almost say I prefer this over the original..  It's definitely worth cooking up a batch of the orgeat.  I can see a lot of potential for the sesame orgeat in other drinks.

I didn't use The Pour's recipe... I had some black sesame paste from a local asian market. I used 2 Tbsp, with 1/2 C of simple syrup, and blended in a high power mixer.   I added a dash of orange flower water as you would with a traditional orgeat. The flavor is fantastic, but it's a bit hard to strain given how fine the paste is.  Just goes to show, there are no shortcuts in life.  ;-)

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