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If you have ever worked in the service industry, you have probably spent more holidays at work with your co workers than with your actual family. Many of my favorite holiday moments were spent with guests at the bar, sharing stories of our crazy families and reminiscing of the time that has too quickly gone by. Slowly those solemn moments pass by and with each shot our spirits begin to lift. We realize that we don't need the turkey dinner and the beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts-all we need is another round! For many people the bar is home to them, and we all become family. I value my guests the way I value family, I have formed most of my greatest friendships with people I have met thru the bar and in one way or another this industry will always have a place for me and my kind. Bar folk are the best folk and this cocktail is a holiday meal in a glass, created in memory of all the holidays we spend together, drinking the night away.



Build in Glass, Half Stir with Ice, Garnish with Dehydrated Pear

Sage Tincture: Soak 16 oz of Fresh Sage in 8 oz of Everclear overnight and then strain into a bottle for use and storage.


Dan Mayorgas - December 19, 2020 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great holiday drink! So tasty..... would never have come up with this treat.

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