El Abuelo

Bradley Johnson

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El Abuelo

Of course, the Oaxacan Old Fashioned is now a staple in many bars, this is a variation I split the base spirit with extra añejo tequila and añejo mezcal for those deep, rich flavors. I then created a syrup by grinding green cardamom, red chili flakes, vanilla bean, cacao nibs, cinnamon stick, all spice and clove in a mortar and pestle. I combined these ingredients with a Demerara syrup at low heat for half an hour. Strained it through cheesecloth and made a very rich syrup that accentuates the chocolate and cinnamon while having a little heat from the red chili. The grapefruit oils have a bit of a numbing sensation and adds to the experience.


1½ oz Maestro Dobel extra añejo tequila 

1½ oz Yuu Baal Añejo Mezcal 

½ oz Spiced Aztec Syrup 

3 dashes Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate Bitters 

Grapefruit peel expressed over top


Stir all ingredients over ice  in a glass mixing vessel and strain over large ice rock. Express grapefruit peel over top and around rim.

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