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I was missing my favorite time of the year back home in Michigan – remembering pumpkin-carving parties my Mom took me to when I was a kid, raking leaves, and making cider from the apples we foraged in nearby orchards. I had this picture in my mind with these nostalgic tastes and smells. Applejack was an obvious place to start, and it only seemed natural to gravitate toward Cynar to mimic the earthy smells of the fall leaves. This original drink was called the Michigander – it starts a little on the sweet side and finishes somewhat drier so it works. Then, the Detroiter was born when a couple guys came in asking for a beer cocktail. We didn’t have one at the time, so I figured the Michigander’s front-end sweetness should stand up to a nice, dry beer. I knew hoppy beers pair well with bitter spirits, so IPA it went. Adjusting the recipe a bit and bringing in the high proof of the bonded Laird’s apple brandy instead of their 80-proof ‘applejack’ zeroes out any possible unpleasant bitterness from the hops and the Cynar.


1 oz Cynar Amaro

¾ oz Laird's Apple Brandy

¾ oz Lemon Juice

¾ oz Honey Syrup

1 oz Stone IPA


Dry shake everything EXCEPT the IPA. Then add ice and shake again. Strain into a 12-ounce Lowball glass and add 1 oz of Stone IPA to top. Add a Grapefruit Twist.

Served at 320 Main

Top photo by Jason @ The Pour

Below photos from 320 Main's Instagram


Matthew Ellingson - October 28, 2020: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This drink was a game changer for me!  Beer cocktails usually are always a disappointment essentially just ending up like a 'spiked' beer.  The way the beer was used in this as actual ingredient allowed the best parts of the beer to shine while still retaining an amazing and composed structure of a cocktail.  This approach was completely new and completely delicious!

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