Conjuro de la Luna

Bradley Johnson

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Conjuro de la Luna
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I recently did a private curated tasting for a small group of friends in my home town of Lake Arrowhead. It was Halloween and the second full moon in a calendar month. Commonly referred to as the Blue Moon. I always keep fennel bulbs on hand, as they are delicious to cook with and abundant in California. That bright, fresh licorice flavor tends to amplify whatever you use it in. I created a syrup using sliced fennel and cooking it at low temperatures in an immersion circulator. The herbaceous and floral notes of the Empress gin (made with the butterfly pea flower) really plays well with the floral Creme de Violette, lemon and fennel. Topping it with the Absinthe amplifies those licorice noses and the fragrant lavender and fennel pollen make this an aromatic and a delight for all senses!   

This is my love letter to the moon. Blessed be!


2oz Empress 1908 gin

½ oz Crème de Violette

½ oz Lemon Juice

½ oz Fennel Syrup

3 dashes Lavender bitters

Atomized Absinthe Spritz

Lemon zest, Fennel pollen, lavender and skeleton leaf garnish


Shake and ingredients over ice. Double strain in to coupe. Sprinkle culinary grade lavender and fennel pollen over top. Set lemon peel over top. Spray atomized absinthe over top. Complete the grinch with two skeleton leaves.

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