Coconut Matcha Flip

Bradley Johnson

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Coconut Matcha Flip
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One thing you will discover about me is that I am obsessed with all things vintage. I love to dream about by-gone eras. The Flip cocktail is one of the oldest and dates back to 17th century England. I also am a bit of a Japanophile. I love Japan's rich culture, their food, drinks and their desire for precision and excellence.   

This is my ode to both Japan and vintage cocktail culture


2 oz Coconut infused bourbon

1 oz Matcha tea infused coconut milk

½ oz Lemongrass ginger syrup

3 dashes L’apothicaire Mystérieux Szechuan bitters 

3 drops Addiction Mixology InstaFoam


Shake all ingredients with ice. Addiction Mixology Instafoam does not require dry shaking to achieve the desired foam layer on top. Double strain into coupe. Sift dry matcha tea over top to garnish. Edible flower for beauty and color, if you choose.

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