Ciao Bell-A

Jocelyn Jolley

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Ciao Bell-A

So, I had this crazy idea to do something with apples and bell peppers. The challenge was coming up with a way to use bell peppers that didn’t include the overdone pairing of tequila or mezcal. Making a cordial seemed like the best solution because not only would it add another alcohol component but by also roasting the peppers, the savory, smoky element would stand up to the sweetness of the sugar in the cordial. The calvados offered me the apple I was looking for, but also drank more like a cognac which added to the richness. Along with the brightness of fresh lemon juice, the rhubarb bitterness of the Peychaud’s float and finally the unforgettable aromatic Rosemary that stays on your skin for hours, this drink is probably one of my all-time favorites.


1 ½ oz Pere Magloire Calvados

1 oz Roasted Red Bell Pepper Cordial

1 oz Fresh lemon juice

4-6 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters float


Long Hard Shake, Double Strain over Big Cube.  Garnish with Rosemary Sprig

*Roasted Red Bell Pepper Cordial: Roast red bell peppers, peel and let rest in equal parts neutral grain spirit (Vodka), strain and add equal parts sugar and water.

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