Burlesque In A Bell Jar

Jocelyn Jolley

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Burlesque In A Bell Jar

The inspiration for this drink was sprung from the idea of using the ingredient, Verjus. I had heard it being talked about in a bartending podcast, Prairie Rose’s, “Bit By A Fox” and was instantly intrigued. I loved the idea of using unfermented white grape juice as an alternative acidity to say, lemon or lime. But in order to balance the sweetness of the Verjus and the white wine syrup, I really wanted to use a dry sherry, specifically Manzanilla. It has flavors of chamomile which pairs nicely with the white wine I chose to make the syrup with. And finally, to round out the whole thing, I added the Burlesque Bitters that has notes of hibiscus, acai and white pepper which complimented the mezcal perfectly. Originally, this cocktail was placed into a bell jar with sage hanging and smoldering inside of it, so when the bell jar is lifted, the smoke lingers inside the glass, creating a dramatic aromatic experience. Obviously, if made at home, any kind of sage smoldering as close to the glass will suffice. Super balanced and spirit forward.


1 ½ oz El Mero Mero Espadin Mezcal

½ oz Verjus

¾ oz White Wine Syrup

½ oz Manzanilla Sherry

3 dashes Bittermen’s Burlesque Bitters

4 dashes Saline


Stir and Strain into chilled bucket and smoke sage over glass

*White Wine Syrup: Add equal parts white wine (preferably an Arneis or Sauvignon Blanc), sugar and water. Bring to a boil. Cool and store.

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