Fords Gin

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The drink that saved gin and cocktails.

Legendary London bartender Dick Bradsell created the Bramble whilst working at Fred’s Bar in London’s Soho in the 1980s. A well-balanced combination of dry gin, lemon, and crème de mûre, the Bramble was intended to be a quintessentially British cocktail inspired by British avours. It rapidly became the go-to gin drink in many bartenders’ repertoire and arguably propelled gin cocktails back into the limelight.

Perhaps the only true“modern classic”cocktail, Dick realised it had nally ascended to the highest of cocktail heights when famously a French bartender argued with him across the bar and refused to believe that he had invented the drink.

“You always have to try and achieve perfection in bartending, it doesn’t just happen; you have to make the effort.” – Dick Bradsell, 2003.


1½ oz Fords Gin

¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

½ oz Chambord

¼ oz Simple Syrup


Add all ingredients except Chambord to a rocks glass.
Add crushed ice, churn together and add more crushed ice.
Drizzle Chambord over the drink and garnish with a lemon wedge and blackberries.

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