Blackbeard’s Girl

Mark Flaming

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Blackbeard’s Girl

She’s sweet, but a little salty. Despite the rum, this is NOT a tiki drink because it’s lacking the citrus. Think of it as salted caramel but with some complexity added by the Falernum.


1oz Demerara rum

1oz Meyers dark Jamaican rum

1/2 oz Montenegro amaro

1/2 oz Velvet Falernum

Healthy pinch of sea salt (1/8 tsp)

Tools required: jigger, mixing glass, bar spoon, strainer


Add ingredients on top of ice. Start from the bottom up, with salt, then the falernum and amaro, rums go last. This will wash most of the heavy syrup out of your jigger and keep it in the drink where it belongs. Salts can vary in intensity. Do not use iodized salt. An iodized salt will add a metallic flavor to your drink. The drink shouldn’t be overly salty… it should balance the sweetness so you just get a hint of salt at the finish. Stir at least 40 times to shill the drink, and strain into a coupe.

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