Aloe Can You Go

Jocelyn Jolley

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Aloe Can You Go
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For this one, I felt compelled to make a super spicy ginger cocktail with a twist. Having also been a winter cocktail, I wanted to use pomegranate and honey to give it more of a rich quality. The aloe liqueur was a last-minute touch to add some depth and it ended up coming through on the back end ever so beautifully. So much in fact, that I named the drink after this “hard to put your finger on” flavor with some help from my regulars one night when I was R and D’ing this drink.


1 ½ oz Hendricks Gin

¾ oz Chareau Aloe Liqueur

1 oz Pomegranate Concentrate

¾ oz Ginger Honey Syrup

6 dashes Angostura Bitters float


Long Hard Shake, Double Strain over Big Cube

*Ginger Honey Syrup: Bring to a boil equal parts ginger, honey and water, strain, cool and store.

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