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Demerara Syrup

Updated: Apr 6

1:1 Ratio

Demerara sugar, like Turbinado sugar or ‘Sugar In The Raw’, is a sugar that is not refined as far as traditional white sugar. Its crystals are larger and most importantly, it still contains a bit of molasses or impurity within. This gives it a wonderfully rich flavor with hints of caramel and sometimes toffee or nuttiness. Along with adding sweetness, it also adds flavor to any drink mixture. It is a great choice when exploring Tropical drinks or many Rum-based cocktails.

For the most accurate balance it is best to measure by weight. Affordable digital scales are common and it is a very beneficial tool to add to your bar for the preparation of many a future recipe. While less accurate, using volume measurements can work as well, such as 1 cup of water to 2 cups of sugar.

How to make your Demerara Syrup

Since Demerara sugar is denser and its crystals bigger that fine white sugar, it is advisable to make this on the stove. It will require longer exposure to heat to fully dissolve.

Start with a pot large enough to contain your projected sugar and water together that will still leave a safe amount of space to vigorously stir within. Place the pot on a digital scale and zero out the scale. Add the amount of sugar you intend to use, perhaps 150 grams. Leave the sugar in the pot on the scale and zero it out once again. Next pour water directly into the pot of sugar until it reaches the measurement of sugar previously (150 grams in this case).

Transfer the pot to the stove over a medium high heat. The mixture will start off looking cloudy but as it warms, and the sugar continues to dissolve, it will become clear. Continue stirring, avoiding letting it reach a boil, until the mixture becomes completely clear and you no longer see the sugar crystals in the pot. Turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature. Once it has cooled, transfer your Syrup to your container or bottle of choice. Refrigerate in between uses and it will keep for up to a week.

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