Improving and Improvising Sours!

Virtual Event organized by Crafted Pour

$35/per screen

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About this Event

To understand how to balance cocktails and improve your odds of creating your own unique creations, it’s important to think of how ingredients work together and what they bring to your cocktails.  It’s not about flavor, it’s about balancing spirit, sweet, sour, and aromatics.  We will walk through and enjoy three cocktails to better understand why it is that they work and how the math adds up. Then put yourself to the test by creating and inventing your own combination!

This class is appropriate for craft cocktail creators of any level, from beginner to expert. No prior experience is required.

The ticket price is per site/login. Multiple participants may attend from a single zoom connection. Ticket price does not include cocktail ingredients.

Note: This event will be recorded. Please review our Notice of Filming and Photography for details.

About the presenter

Matt Ellingson’s career in Hospitality and the Beverage Industry spans more than 20 years. Learn more about Matt

Tools you will need

If you are familiar with shaking cocktails at home, you may have your own approach and tools. These are Matt's essentials, and he will share why during the class. Click the links to find shopping options.

· Shaking Tins or Shaker of preference

· Jigger with the following measurements ¼, ½, ¾, 1 oz, 1 ½ oz, 2 oz

· Hawthorne Strainer

· Fine Mesh Strainer

· Y Peeler for Garnish

· Coupe Glasses or Stemmed glasses of choice (3 per attendee)

Items to have prepped

Simple Syrup (at least 3 oz for one attendee)

· Fresh Lime Juice (at least 3 oz for one attendee)

· Fresh Lemon Juice (at least 3 oz for one attendee)

· Fresh Citrus Available (1 whole lime, 1 whole lemon, additional fruit like an orange or a grapefruit is optional)

Additional products

During this class, you will be given many options for crafting your own sours. We recommend you have a least one of each of the following types of ingredients on hand:

· White Rum – (Bank’s 5 Island, Plantation 3 Star, Probitas)

· Brandy – (Maison Rouge VSOP, Hennessey VSOP)

· Orange Liqueur – (Combier, Cointreau, Triple Sec)

· Other Spirits of your choice – (Any other bottles of full proof spirit you have lying around will work!)

· A Fruit Liqueur of choice – (Choose an additional fruit-based liqueur or two from producers like Massenez, Mathilde, or Giffard’s)

· Additional Syrup of your choice – (For flavor options you can make your own additional syrups like Demerara Syrup, Honey Syrup, or purchase options like Orgeat Syrup or Falernum Syrup)

Questions & Answers



Nick Costantino

Attended February 27, 2021

My wife, Rebecca, and I were so thrilled when we heard Matt was adding another Sours class. Matt’s format is so different than any other cocktail class I’ve taken. Rather than just posting a few recipes and making a couple specific cocktails, Matt takes the approach of a true Master by teaching the technique and foundation of a basic sour, and leaving his students with the fundamental skills to make literally hundreds of cocktails that springboard off of this foundation. We made cocktails the whole rest of the evening without the aid of a recipe book! This class is a must for anyone who enjoys making cocktails.

Mark Flaming

Attended February 13, 2021

What a great event! If the pandemic has one silver lining, it's the invention of zoom cocktail classes. We took one of Matt's weekend classes, and had a blast. Trying out recipes from the comfort of home, and having Matt's depth of cocktail knowledge to ask questions and bounce ideas off was such a great experience. If you're even just a little interested, TRY THE CLASS, you will not regret it!

Mark Foster

Attended February 13, 2021

FUN WITH FRIENDS!!! What a fantastic way to spend part of an evening, starting immediately with a cocktail to begin the experience ! You'll see from the many other reviews the benefits and knowledge of learning from Matt Ellingson... Newfound confidence for the novice home bartender, the magic of properly balancing ingredients, etc. But, I would like to focus on how fun this is to share with friends - old or new - as you learn. I signed up with my daughter-in-law, who attended from her home, and we met other new friends. The group is very small so that everyone has a chance to interact with each other, along with Matt, and share ideas (hit or miss) and new mixology discoveries... Grab some friends and sign up for a great time, you will have a blast!

Chris M

Attended February 13, 2021

What a fantastic evening. Whether you are just starting out exploring craft cocktails or looking to up your game, this is 90+ minutes well spent! The class is just the right size so there is plenty of opportunity to interact with Matt (as well as other classmates.) My wife and I came away with new skills and more importantly confidence in exploring sours! We look forward to new classes.

Gregory Urfrig

Attended January 23, 2021

A fantastic class!  Matt starts by teaching the concept of ratios in sours.  Then he walks you through a few classic drinks. But the magic happens when you understand the structure, and then make a unique cocktail of your own.  It’s a great class to learn how to experiment with cocktails in a way that will likely produce great drinks!  Awesome presentation, great interaction with the host and other classmates. I’m looking forward to his next class! 

Melissa M.

Attended January 23, 2021

My husband and I were fortunate enough to attend Matt’s class on classic sours and improving sours a few weeks ago. This class was well organized, informative and easy to follow for even the novice home bartender. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in the basics or learning how to properly balance a craft cocktail or anyone interested un upping their home bartender game. Matt’s class was the perfect combination of education and fun. He engaged with his audience and you didn’t just feel like a number in an overpopulated environment. Sign up the this sours class, you won’t be disappointed!

Jennifer Walkovich

Attended January 23, 2021

After taking the Sours class from Matt at The Pour I am so much more confident in creating my own recipes and cocktails. I went from a complete novice to being able to create some fantastic drinks in my first session. I’m looking forward to taking more classes with Matt and other mixologists from The Pour.

Aimee Goldberg

Attended January 23, 2021

What a fun class!  Matt is an expert in taking you through the entire cocktail making process.  He explains each step and also offers great ideas on how to tweak drinks to make them your own.  It moves along at the perfect pace so you are never bored, and are also never without a drink in your hand, but it isn't rushed and there is ample opportunity for questions.  I highly recommend this class for both beginner and more experienced mixologists.  You'll have a great time!


Attended January 23, 2021

This class is essential for cocktail enthusiasts! Matt expertly guides you through both fundamentals and versatility of classic sours giving you the tools to get creative with your own sour cocktails. With great prep instructions, easy to follow along, and time for fun discussion you'll build your skills and be inspired to make better drinks!

Steve Tsubota

Attended January 23, 2021

Spirit-Guide Matt Ellingson provides time-tested recipes and clearly demonstrates all of the techniques required to create delicious cocktails at home.  In addition to teaching everything you need to know about making these drinks, Matt explores the history and the connections between various cocktails, and will teach you how to invent your own variations.  After taking this class, you'll be able to confidently make several tasty drinks, understand how to stock your home bar, and have mastered the techniques required to elevate any drink to a bar-quality level.