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A sling is more of a concept than a drink, with a huge amount of possible variations. The most famous recipe is claimed by the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and is said to have been created for a cocktail competition by the wonderfully named bartender – Ngiam Tong Boom.

Fords Gin
Gin Sling

The signature recipes for iconic drinks at the world’s most famous bars reside in a book behind the bar. We have collected the best cocktail recipes from bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike and put them in a virtual Bar Book that you can use to craft world class cocktails at home. Browse through our Bar Book for inspiration and share recipes for your favorite drinks.

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Renee Griego

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Renee is a self proclaimed whiskey woman, sherry slut, spritz bitch and baijiu babe. She is a seasoned bartender with over 20 years experience and is a certified BAR 5 graduate. 

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