Stephen Czerwinski

Home Bar Enthusiast

Stephen’s interest in cocktails began out of a search for a new hobby that spiraled into an obsession. After getting tired of never knowing what to order in a bar and getting overwhelmed by vast liquor store selections, he started reading, studying, and experimenting on his own.

From there he soon joined the massive community of home bar enthusiasts on Instagram which pushed him to develop and create while honing his palate. Like many home bartenders, his imagination is often at odds with the square footage of a Los Angeles apartment. This sent him on a quest to build his perfect collection of spirits that balances shelf space, usefulness, and budget.

While mixology and craft cocktailing remains a hobby for him, he loves learning at the feet of classic and modern masters and professionals through reading and sampling.

You can find examples of Stephen's cocktail artistry on his Instagram account potions.and.spirits.


Stephen Czerwinski
Turnpike Sour
Stephen Czerwinski
Sugar Plum Fairy
Stephen Czerwinski
Chrysanthemum's the Word
Stephen Czerwinski
Evil Ward
Stephen Czerwinski
Holiday Leftovers
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