A Proper Cocktail

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About this Event

Now that we’ve learned how to balance cocktail sours and learned the importance of shaking certain drinks, it’s time to ground our understanding in the history of a "cocktail." As we travel back to its original birth, we will also go over the importance of learning how and when to stir your drinks.

We’re also adding some very important ingredients to our home bar selections that will help to form much of the foundation for many a drink to come! With each class in this series, Matt will be adding to this selection so that you steadily build a useful selection of items to keep your home bar stocked.

The ticket price is per site/login. Multiple participants may attend from a single zoom connection. Ticket price does not include cocktail ingredients. You can find an overview of recommended items to have on hand for this class below.

Note: This event will be recorded. Please review our Notice of Filming and Photography for details.

About the presenter

Matt Ellingson’s career in Hospitality and the Beverage Industry spans more than 20 years. Learn more about Matt

Tools you will need

Bar tools and cocktail ingredients are not provided, so here's a rundown of what you should have on hand in order to fully enjoy the experience:


If you didn't already get them for Matt's Sours class, you will also want to acquire a:

  • Jigger with the following measurements ¼, ½, ¾, 1 oz, 1 ½ oz, 2 oz · Y Peeler for Garnish

Recommended glassware:


1-inch cubes are preferable and, if you have the tools to make them, a 3-inch cube/sphere will also work well. As long as it will fit into your Old-Fashioned Glass.

Items to prepare ahead of time:

Simple Syrup (at least 3 oz for one attendee)

Items to Purchase (1 from each category):

Questions & Answers



Mark Flaming

Attended Matt’s Sours class on February 13, 2021

What a great event! If the pandemic has one silver lining, it's the invention of zoom cocktail classes. We took one of Matt's weekend classes, and had a blast. Trying out recipes from the comfort of home, and having Matt's depth of cocktail knowledge to ask questions and bounce ideas off was such a great experience. If you're even just a little interested, TRY THE CLASS, you will not regret it!

Mark Foster

Attended Matt’s Sours class on February 13, 2021

FUN WITH FRIENDS!!! What a fantastic way to spend part of an evening, starting immediately with a cocktail to begin the experience ! You'll see from the many other reviews the benefits and knowledge of learning from Matt Ellingson... Newfound confidence for the novice home bartender, the magic of properly balancing ingredients, etc. But, I would like to focus on how fun this is to share with friends - old or new - as you learn. I signed up with my daughter-in-law, who attended from her home, and we met other new friends. The group is very small so that everyone has a chance to interact with each other, along with Matt, and share ideas (hit or miss) and new mixology discoveries... Grab some friends and sign up for a great time, you will have a blast!

Aimee Goldberg

Attended Matt’s Sours class on January 23, 2021

What a fun class! Matt is an expert in taking you through the entire cocktail making process. He explains each step and also offers great ideas on how to tweak drinks to make them your own. It moves along at the perfect pace so you are never bored, and are also never without a drink in your hand, but it isn't rushed and there is ample opportunity for questions. I highly recommend this class for both beginner and more experienced mixologists. You'll have a great time!

Steve Tsubota

Attended Matt’s Sours class on January 23, 2021

Spirit-Guide Matt Ellingson provides time-tested recipes and clearly demonstrates all of the techniques required to create delicious cocktails at home. In addition to teaching everything you need to know about making these drinks, Matt explores the history and the connections between various cocktails, and will teach you how to invent your own variations. After taking this class, you'll be able to confidently make several tasty drinks, understand how to stock your home bar, and have mastered the techniques required to elevate any drink to a bar-quality level.